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Лот закрыт: 21:13 01/07/2011
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Разновидность: Слежение
Состояние: новое
Product Features: A desk lamp style GSM Card Audio Spy Open the lamp, you can find there is a hidden SIM card slot at one of its feet Insert one available GSM card, call this card number with your cell phone Call will automatically connect, and you can hear the voice around the lamp Just like a phone with microphone that connect it self Monitor the situation your want to know without knowing by the speaker Easy to use, no setting needed All GSM SIM card compatible Packed as a normal LED light, no information of the bug And it also works as a LED Desk Lamp with 3 models in appearance --- 8 LED with white light --- 18 LED with white light --- Weak Flashing RGB light at belly On/ off button for easy control With built-in rechargeable 800mAh Lead-Acid battery, can be recharged by the plug (A correct plug or adapter will be sent according to your shipping country) Charge by AC 220V Voltage Elephant Size (L x W x H): 90 x 88 x 130 mm Neck Length: 195mm Light Diameter: 95mm Net Weight: 338g Color: Green Warning: Do not to use this product for any illegal purpose, otherwise you may be subject to prosecutions under applicable laws. You should be aware that we are obliged to provide the information in connection with your purchase of this product to relevant administrative and judicial authorities at their request Package Contents: 1 x LED Desk Lamp Style Audio Bug(Green)

Купить GSM ПРОСЛУШКА 20982, цена 449 грн.

. Подобные лоты в категории Электроника: GSM ПРОСЛУШКА 15718, GSM ПРОСЛУШКА 15721, GSM ПРОСЛУШКА 15722, GSM ПРОСЛУШКА 15915, GSM ПРОСЛУШКА 20902. Популярные теги: купить видеотехнику, купить радиолампы, ромо.юа - где продать без комиссии
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