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Лот закрыт: 21:19 01/07/2011
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Разновидность: Слежение
Состояние: новое
Product Features: Penholder style sound monitor/ detectaphone work with GSM Network SIM You can use it as stationery, like brush pot Also has time and date functions, you can use the 5 buttoms at the base to adjust it The audio bug acts as its main function: Anti-lost and anti-theft For using: Put in the SIM, GSM card with red indicator --- 1. Monitor function: Call it, once it is connected, you can hear nearby voice within 10 meters in a few seconds --- 2. Number setting:(1) to dial the SIM card, hang up immediately in 3 seconds, it will automatically dial your telephone number if there is voice higher than 45db in 4 meters (2) Send message: Send message “1111” to the SIM card in the alarm system can turn on the acoustic alarm function, and send message “0000” to SIM can turn off it --- 3. Charging: (1)Before the first time using, the device should be fully charge in order to reach best performance (2) Charge standard: +/- 5.0V 300-500MA, please use standard charger in case of host damage (3) When the battery is depleted, it starts charging 3 minutes later after it is connected to the electrical outlet Wireless voice transmission, the world's universal, not limited to distance, limited space Device will standby 3~5 days for acoustic alarm function on, and 12~15 days while off Operating frequency: 900MHz/ 1800MHz/ 1900MHz Size of penholder: 85 x 85 x 110mm/ 3.34 x 3.34 x 4.33in (L x W x T) Color: Silvery and black Net weight: 165g/ 5.82oz Package Contents: 1 x Monitor 1 x AC Adapter 1 x USB Cable

Купить GSM ПРОСЛУШКА 32337, цена 640 грн.

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