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USB Wi-Fi Adapter for Car - UAWIFI UA3

WIFI . WI-FI 802.11B/G/N. . . . ب MIL-STD-810F . (MADE IN USA)

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Compact and very stylish UAWIFI UA3 adapter. This great adapter, is an "all in one" solution for all your wifi internet needs.
You don’t need to buy a wifi adapter and wifi antenna separately. This adapter comes with an integrated powerful antenna. It is a super fast all band wifi adapter which has a long operating range. Its integrated antenna works in all directions and can pick up all wifi signals around it. In other words you do not need to point it to the hotspot in order to pick up signal.
Our UA3 adapter is made rugged for any outdoor or indoor environment. It is excellent for your house, car, truck, RV, boat, or even for your motorcycle. It uses patented technology and specially made to withstand rain, snow, hot and cold weather, direct sunlight, dust, and even vibration and minor impacts. Its three powerful magnets on the bottom will allow you to attach the adapter to any vehicle or metal surface with out the need to make any holes. It can work with most computers or operating systems. All you need to do is simply plug it in to your computer, install drivers, and you are ready to go.

Still not sure? and wanna ask: So.......why is this adapter better than other adapters?

Here is why:

This adapter supports all wifi bands B, G and N - Others support mostly B or G
This adapter can reach speed up to 300Mb/s - Others can't, their maximum speed is 54Mb/s
This adapter has working range of 1000m (3300ft.) - Others mostly up to 100m (330ft.)
This adapter is all directional and has 360 degree working angle, so you don't have to point it to the wifi hotspot - Others are directional, so you must know where the hotspot is, and you have to point it to wifi hotspot in order to get the signal
This adapter works with all operating systems: Windows, Linux and Mac - Others only work with Windows
This adapter is rugged, and made for all weather conditions - Others are not rugged, and rarly made for outdoors
This adapter is super compact, very sexy and stylish....looks prefect on any car - Others are chunky and ugly
This adapter is made of high quality materials - Others are made of cheap plastic in order to cut the cost of production
This adapter is MADE IN U.S.A. - Others are made in China or Taiwan

USB Wi-Fi Adapter for Car - UAWIFI UA3, 800 .

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