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Лот закрыт: 22:08 31/07/2011
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4.3"LCD Автомобильный GPS навигатор

Разновидность: GPS навигация
Состояние: новое
4.3"LCD Автомобильный GPS навигатор Очень плохо Плохо Средне Хорошо Отлично Оценить 670.00гривен На складе: 20 Кол-во: Product Features: 4.3"LCD TFT display with touch screen fr control and input Built-in memory 64MB,Support up to 4GB SD memory card with map The GPS will come with map of one country or area: USA,Brazil,Some countries of Europe(we will send map according to your address, please pay attention to the countris of europe listed as following) European maps including: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Moldova, Montenegro, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugel, San marino, Spain, Switzerland,United Kingdom. Map for other countries is not available at the time being. Professional portable navigation system,UIdesign for mobile application,Convenient operation Most popular windows OS ,World class CPU SD card of extensible capacity for mapping data,MP4 video,MP3 music,Photo,and personal files Map for major large and medium scale cities,detailed mapping data,real voice guidance,automatic smooth switching Built-in high sensitive GPS receiving module and antenna,faster GPS signal receiving and Mor accurate positioning Prompt and accurate positioning applicable for GPS data collection,e.g.Area measuring Prompt response for both cole and warm start;Re-capture of GPS signal just in 1 scond on average,Accuracy of positioning:no more than 10 meter;Accuracy of timing:no moer than 1 microsecond Embedded Organizer/Calendar,personalized fridndly touch panel handwriting control,record and plan personal schedule Multimedia entertainment:Flash isplay,MP3music,MP4 video,Photo viewing Scientific ccalculation:embedded calculator,a good business assistant The FM transmitter designed for use in a car with car stereo. It is not controlled with volume of the device. Personalized function setting:Language selsction,Backlight brightness adjustment;Power management,Coordination calibration A user friendly feature is GPS "hold on".with this feature,you may use the device for other applications,like music,e-book,except for Falsh,by pressing Return button on the device to switch GPS application to ackground and keep it running without exiting from GPS application during the same time Support multi-langugae: English, Italian,French, Denish, German, Spanish, Dutch,,Norwegian,Swedish,Russian,Polish, Portuguese,Czech,Hungarian,Slovakian, Turkish,Finnish,Romanian battery:950mAh Demension: 120x80x20mm Weight:200g Package Contents: 1 x 2GB SD Card 1 x Device/Unit 1 x Stereo Headphone 1 x USB Cable 1 x Wall Charger 1 x Car Charger 1 x User Manual 1 x Car Holder Stand/Mount Kit

Купить 4.3"LCD Автомобильный GPS навигатор, цена 670 грн.

. Подобные лоты в категории Автомир: АВТОМОБИЛЬНЫЙ ВИДЕОРЕГИСТРАТОР 19522, АВТОМОБИЛЬНЫЙ ВИДЕОРЕГИСТРАТОР 16231, АВТОМОБИЛЬНЫЙ ВИДЕОРЕГИСТРАТОР, АВТОМОБИЛЬНЫЙ ВИДЕОРЕГИСТР 22403, АВТОМОБИЛЬНЫЙ FM ТРАНСМИТТЕР SD USB STEREO. Популярные теги: купить авто аксессуары, купить рулевое управление, купить бу вещи дешево
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